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You’ve all heard it, seen it used in advertising, tasted it and been taught it. Fresh is better. That’s certainly true with beer.  Our brewer, Richard Lovelady has had 20 years of brewing experience to hone his skills, perfect his recipes and evolve his art. Lovelady Brewing Company's beer lineup is continually evolving, bringing you new and fresh flavors every month.

Our most popular brews that you can always find in our taproom.

Paleo Porter

Chocolate/Peanut Butter/ Coffee Porter

Local Paleontologists are currently unearthing a 98 million year old plant eating dinosaur in the Valley of Fire State Park, affectionately called Pyrosauraus. Bones of this animal are some of the largest dinosaur bones to come from Nevada. The existence of Pyrosaurus spurred out imagination and lead us to blend a bold flavored American stykle porter with peanut butter, chocolate and coffee.

Love Triangle

Red Ale - 5%, 30 IBU

American yeast combined with German Malt and American Citra hops make this unique red ale. Tropical on the nose with a balancing caramel finish. 

9th Island

Pineapple Sour - 4.8% 7 IBU

A golden kettle soured ale with Pineapple puree. We like to think it helps you to find your own personal, tropical island. A tart and sour treat! Look for it in six packs around town. 

Love Juice

NE IPA - 5.8%, 30 IBU

Our most popular beer! This hazy IPA features Barley, Oats and Wheat. Hopped with excessive amounts of Mosaic, Citra and Idaho 7 hops, features tropical fruit with a hint of dankness on the nose, finishing juicy and easy drinking.

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Double IPA - 8.2% 85 IBU

A beer to satisfy any Hop Heads! Golden with an aroma of tropical fruit, finishes with a balanced bitterness and malt sweetness. IPA=India Pale Ale. This beer (IPA) originated in England during the occupation of India. The English troops wanted their home beer, but brewers found that the regular beer went bad on its long voyage to India. A brewer found that hops were a good preservative, so the breweries started to stuff the beer barrels full of hops, then fill with beer and then send it to India. The resulting beer was more bitter and aromatic than the original, and the troops loved it. A new style was born! 

Golden Nites

Export Style Golden Lager

This Golden Lager has the perfect balance between hop bitterness and malty sweetness. Finishes crisp and dry.

5%/vol  24 IBU

Tres Amour

Belgian Tripel - 8.8%, 20 IBU

A Belgian Abbey ale that is deceptively easy to drink. Golden, lightly hopped with a touch of coriander and clove on the finish. It is common in the monasteries of Belgium to find the monks brewing single, double and triple strength brews for themselves and to sell to the general public. Tripel is the strongest of the monk beers, typically fairly low on the bitterness, golden and finishing with a complex malt/fruit profile.

State of Change IPA

West Coast IPA

State of Change  (West Coast IPA) Features Pale barley malt, dextrose, and a whole lot of Citra, Columbus, Cluster, Crystal, Centennial, Chinook and Cascade Hops. Dry with a light body, this West Coast style IPA has a fruity, pine nose, with a bracing but clean finish. 6.9% Alc. By Vol, 65 IBU

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Seasonal Brews
Each new season brings new flavors into our taproom!

Hazy Shade of Summer

Double IPA with Cashmere and Citra Hops 8.0% Alc. by Vol., 45 IBU

Another small batch seasonal featuring Pale Barley and Wheat for a soft, smooth body and lots of Cashmere and Citra hops that gives this delicious IPA notes of stone fruit and citrus throughout! Enough bitterness to say it's an IPA, but not enough to overwhelm the pallete. Available only in the taproom, on draft and in 16oz 4-packs. Enjoy!

Mindblock Maibock

German strong lager - 7.5% Alc. by vol, 35 IBU

Traditional German springtime bock. Light amber in color, full bodied with a rich, malty finish. 

Cosmo Sour

Kettle sour with lime, cranberry and blood orange 5% Alc. by Vol., 5 IBU

The latest 9th Island tropical sour series! Golden in color with lots of fruit on the nose, this kettle sour goes from a hint of lime to cranberry with a slight tart, orange finish!

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American Wheat Ale with a touch of Grapefruit 5.2% Alc. by Vol. , 12 IBU

Paradisii (name for Grapfruit) is a wheat ale with a touch of Grapefruit that is extremely smooth and thirst quenching! Perfect for these hot summer days.

Original Cinn

Dark Golden Strong ale with cinnamon. 12.2% Alc. by Vol., 20 IBU

Our strongest beer yet. Aromas of cinnamon and apple with even more cinnamon with a slight sweetness on the the finish.

Don't be a Prick-ly Pear

Kettle sour aged on Prickly Pear Puree - 8% Alc. by vol., 5 IBU

Our biggest sour yet! This pink-ruby colored sour has amazing notes of berry and pear. Finishes smooth with a slight earthy tartness.


Pilsner with Zappa Hops

Traditional Continental Pilsner. Pilsner and Munich malts, dry hopped with Zappa hops. Extremely Dank with hints of grass and fruit, finishing with that classic Pilsner crispness. 

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Sin City Stout

Nitro Irish Stout - 6%, 40 IBU

Dark, roasted, satisfying. 

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