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You’ve all heard it, seen it used in advertising, tasted it and been taught it. Fresh is better. That’s certainly true with beer.  Our brewer, Richard Lovelady has had 27 years of professional brewing experience to hone his skills, perfect his recipes and evolve his art. Lovelady Brewing Company's beer lineup is continually evolving, bringing you new and fresh flavors every month.

Flagship Beers
Our most popular brews that you can always find in our taproom and around the Las Vegas Valley on draft and 12oz cans.

Love Juice

Our best seller! This hazy IPA features Mosaic, El Dorado and Idaho 7 hops, a touch of orange peel along with barley, oats, wheat and lactose. Fruity, hoppy and smooth!


5.7% Alc. by Vol.          20 IBU


Paleo Porter

Dedicated to local Paleontologists, this mild Porter features Peanut Butter, Chocolate and coffee from Dark Moon Roasters. A treat that you can have more than one of! 

Coffee, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Porter

5.0% Alc. by Vol.                   30 IBU


9th Island

Our best selling sour, 9th Island refers to our expat Hawaiian community. Tart, a little sweet and finishing sour, the perfect poolside refreshment!


5.5% Alc. by Vol.                20 IBU

Year Round and Taproom favorites
Available on draft and to go

State of Change WCIPA

Sabro Version! This WCIPA was made with pale malts, a touch of lemon peel and Sabro Hops. Dank, citrus and lemon up front with a dry, bracing finish.


6.9% Alc. by Vol.                20 IBU


Golden Nites

Mexican style lager (made with Barley and Corn) that finishes crisp and dry, but balanced. Refreshing!

Golden Mexican Lager 

5% Alc. By Vol.            20 IBU

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Love Triangle

Amber lager made with German malts and American hops. Smooth, balanced with a slight hint of caramel on the finish.

Amber Lager

5.7% Alc. by Vol.   25 IBU

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Weisse Choice

Traditional Bavarian style wheat ale that has elements of clove, banana and bubble gum.

Wheat Ale

5.5% Alc. by Vol.


Lapu Lapu Sour

Golden Kettle Sour aged on generous amounts of Blood Orange and Pineapple. A true tropical treat!

Kettle Sour with Fruit

5% Alc. by Vol.      5 IBU



Double west coast style IPA made with Citra and Azacca hops. Fruity and peppery, finishing dry and smooth.

Double IPA

8.0% Alc. by Vol.           75 IBU

Seasonal Brews
Each new season brings new flavors into our taproom!
Speedee Mart Gas Station Pumpkin Patch 16oz 4_edited.jpg

Gas Station Pumpkin Patch

Our latest Speedee Mart beer - A light bodied stout with Pumpkin Spice.

Stout with pumpkin spice

8% Alc. by Vol., 40 IBU

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Homage Series - Aladdin Hotel 1966-2007. Double hazy IPA loaded with Mosaic hops and Blueberry Puree - pure berry dankness in every sip!

Double Hazy IPA with Blueberry

7.5% Alc. by Vol. ,  20 IBU

My Post - 2021-08-31T114308.287.jpg

Hendertucky Horror Show

It's back! A double Hazy IPA with Mosaic hops, Kona coffee from Magnum Roasters and Hi-Coffee Cafe, pumpkin spice and vanilla. Get it while you can!

Double Hazy IPA with Coffee, Spice, Vanilla

7.5% Alc. by Vol.      20 IBU


Coming Soon!

Keep checking for the latest in our seasonal and taproom only beer releases!


My project-1 (2).jpg

Steamin Nites

Mild Brown ale aged on Jalapenos, Poblanos and Habaneros. Huge pepper flavor with a hint of heat.

Brown Ale with Peppers

4.8% Alc. By Vol.      30 IBU

My project-1 (1).jpg

Pebbleicity Stunt

Half beer and half apple cider fermented together! Brewed to celebrate our newest Taproom. Apple on the nose with a dry, apple finish.

Apple Ale

6.3% Alc. by Vol.  12 IBU

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