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Four Brothers, One Dream.

We are a local, family based business which hopes to spread the love (in the form of beer), give a sense of community and has a commitment to give back.

The Idea

The idea for Lovelady Brewing Company started many years ago in the backyard of the Lovelady house where twins Richard and Robert starting brewing beer at the tender age of 17. Their friends immediately dubbed it “Dick and Bob’s Brew” and a dream was born.

Flash forward many years later...

the twins were joined by older brothers Jerry and Jeffrey, as well as a life-long friend and beer collaborator, Mike Brook to form a new company dedicated to brewing the freshest, tastiest and original beers in an area that could give back to the local community.

The Lovelady Family has strong roots in the Henderson community dating back to the early 1950s. We are eager to give back to the community that gave us our roots.

We wanted to help develop and uplift a community where we were located. We hope to be a spark to further development this area.

The Reasons

For Choosing Henderson, NV

Wanting to become part of the community, we hope to have even greater involvement with local charities and local events.

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